The #1 Online Leather Store Pushes E-commerce Sales Forward

The Challenge of Driving Repeat Business

60% of LeatherUp’s purchases are from returning customers, so they not only want to capitalize on new customers, but re-engage current customers to drive repeat business. With Amazon capturing around 50% of the ecommerce market, it’s a challenge to get in front of consumers in search results and social media channels. LeatherUp needed a way to differentiate and capture attention from both of these audiences.

  • 60% of’s purchases are from returning customers, so engagement is key with this segment
  • Amazon owns 50% of the ecommerce market, so LeatherUp has to break through the clutter and stand out to attract new business

The Results

Web Push

125K+ Web Push Subscribers

LeatherUp now has more than 125K subscribers and averages thousands of new subscribers each day.


Conversion Rates over 6.5%

Conversion rates over 6.5% for additional abandoned cart reminders. Pushnami has helped drive significant incremental revenue for LeatherUp that wouldn’t have been captured via traditional abandoned cart emails.


Thousands Generated from Ecommerce Automations

Since late 2020, LeatherUp has been leveraging Pushnami’s Shopify automations to generate tens of thousands of additional dollars. These automations include browse abandonment, recommendation engine, and more.

Generating Incremental Revenue

With Pushnami’s web-based push notifications, LeatherUp is able to now capture abandoned cart sales that would have otherwise been lost. Their strategy targets users that have not purchased after receiving an abandoned cart email reminder. This extra nudge has helped drive additional revenue in the tens of thousands of dollars for LeatherUp.

LeatherUp has also been able to grow their subscriber base steadily week to week with the ease of one-click subscriptions on their site. No email addresses are necessary to connect with their potential and current customers while they are online.

  • Sending promotions becomes easy when users can sign up with little to no effort, and this has yielded an additional promotional channel for LeatherUp to sell through.

Leveraging Ecommerce Automations

In late 2020, LeatherUp decided to begin incorporating Pushnami’s Shopify automations (which are enabled with just the click of a button) alongside their promotional campaigns. With these automations, LeatherUp has increased sales by targeting each phase of the customer journey and has increased the number of repeat buyers.

These automations help with both new customer acquisition as well as customer retention and include abandoned cart notifications, shipping updates for customers, browse abandonment, as well as Pushnami’s recommendation engine which automatically recommends products to your subscribers based on what other similar shoppers have purchased.

  • With a fully automated approach to their push strategy, LeatherUp is now able to retarget their shoppers in a much more efficient way, saving them valuable time and resources to manage this marketing channel for their business.

“We chose to go with Pushnami in order to capture additional abandoned cart sales. Having an AI-powered solution that optimized messaging for us was also important, and Pushnami has delivered on their value proposition on both fronts.”

Patrick Turner Chief Executive Officer, LeatherUp

Just like LeatherUp, Pushnami can help your ecommerce store generate additional repeat customers and build a new list of loyal customers that you can deliver actionable messaging to. Take advantage of Pushnami’s 30-day free trial, and speak with one of our push experts today to learn more. Ready to get started?

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