Simple to Use, Yet Highly Flexible

Advanced API

Pushnami offers a dynamic and powerful API system that allows you to automate, learn, and build all in real-time. Marketers can take advantage of our API capabilities by allowing Pushnami to speak to external applications anytime a subscriber takes an action such as making a conversion or unsubscribing.

Additionally, our Subscriber Update API allows external apps to update Pushnami subscriber variables such as contact information, subscriber interests, and much more.

Pushnami’s API system can work with all others including the ability to send or receive data of any type. This is backed by unmatched customer support and documentation for all Pushnami clients.



Pushnami is fully capable of leveraging webhooks on actions like subscribing, unsubscribing, conversions, and much more.


Real-Time Data Updates

Update or retrieve information on subscribers in real-time including using large batch API calls to limit system resource requirements.


Full Automation of Scheduling

Deliver customized messages to individual segments of subscribers via the API system.

What could you build with Pushnami’s API?

Our knowledgeable and experienced team is standing by to assist you in setup and optimization. We offer a full visual documentation knowledge base complete with guided examples.

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