How Bulldog Media Group Scaled Their Affiliate Business with Pushnami

Bulldog Media Group is a leading performance marketing company, specializing in online customer acquisition for clients in the financial services industry.

The Challenge of Driving Web Traffic to Affiliate Offers

BMG’s success relies on retargeting strategies for cross-sell opportunities across multiple owned and operated websites, as well as websites that they manage on behalf of their clients. Without the right strategies in place this can become increasingly difficult, especially at scale.

BMG Has Established Three Main Push Strategies

BMG and Pushnami teamed up to develop a push strategy across a variety of their domains to solidify high-quality traffic to their offers. Pushnami’s automated approach paired with retargeting efforts gave BMG the solutions needed to increase the monetization of their website visitors and increase the earnings per click of their offers.

Retargeting Website Traffic with Web Push

In a few simple steps, BMG was able to install the Pushnami code on all of their sites and begin collecting web push subscribers from their website traffic. One of their owned websites,, has grown to over 175K web push subscribers alone. 

Once a subscriber opts-in to receive updates, they’ll receive notifications directly to their web browser or Android device to come back to either the website they subscribed on, or another relevant website in their network. 

For example, a CreditSoup subscriber could receive push notifications that encourage them to apply to credit card offers on another one of their websites that contain similar offers to the ones on CreditSoup. This helps BMG recapture potentially lost business and increases overall traffic to multiple offers within their own network.

Optimizing Creative Sends with Pushnomics

Pushnomics (Pushnami’s machine learning system), allows BMG to automate their send strategy by optimizing which messages and offers should be sent to each individual subscriber. This significantly reduces the amount of time required to determine the right offer to send to the right subscriber groups and the best possible time. 

Once a group of BMG’s offers are entered into a Pushnomics collection, Pushnami’s system will use 6+ years of machine learning insights to determine the overall best send strategy to help them reach as close to 100% optimization as possible. 

Using PushClick+ to Further Monetize Traffic

PushClick+ allows any Pushnami user to include personalized and compliant third-party offers from the Pushnami ad network in their send strategy. This opens up an additional monetization opportunity with their traffic that they otherwise would not have. 

All third-party offers included in their strategy are put through a review process that ensures only appropriate and on-brand messaging is sent to their subscribers. 


1.25M+ Web Push Subscribers
BMG has attracted more than 1.25 million Web Push subscribers across all their domains using Pushnami.
Average Monthly Clicks to External Offers
With the power of Pushnomics, BMG is now getting an average of 250K+ clicks to their external offers each month.
Monthly PushClick+ Revenue
PushClick+ has enabled BMG to gain an additional ~$5K from their Web Push subscribers each month.


We’ve been working with Pushnami since 2018 and since getting started we’ve seen really impressive growth with our overall website traffic and our EPC metrics. I’m the primary user of Pushnami at our business and it’s been a consistent and scalable way to drive more traffic to our offers."
Haley Skattum
Strategy & Push Marketing Specialist at Bulldog Media Group

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