Build and send dynamic campaigns with unmatched deliverability.

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Never send a generic email again. Customize your message with machine learning-powered targeting that outperforms standalone ESPs.


Don’t let the spam folder ruin your day. Pushnami gets your must-see message into the inbox reliably and predictably.

Cross-Channel Consistency

Email is better when it’s in sync with other channels. Give subscribers a consistent experience at every touch point.

Benefits of Pushnami compared to other email solutions:

Intuitive Email Builder

Our email builder makes it easy to select the right template and layout for your message. Simply drag and drop.

ISP Deliverability

We give you ISP inbox deliverability reports, no extra subscriptions needed. Know when you reach the inbox and when you don’t.

Multiple Coding Options

We support plain text, HTML and MJML. Let your email developer pick the language; our platform can handle it.

Managed for You

Want a hands-off email solution where you get the results without doing the heavy lifting? Check out our managed packages.

A/B/C Testing

Test subject lines and email copy to make sure you’re always getting the best result you can be.

Drip Campaigns

Our waterfall drip campaigns allow you to pre-schedule email flows that deliver to your subscribers at the right time.

Transactional Emails

Need to send an email to confirm a subscription? Or an order purchase? Transactional emails are easy to implement.

Monetization Feed

Use our native ad feed to earn revenue each time a subscriber engages with your email content